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SITE: Santa Monica | Boa Vista | Cape Verde
PHASES: Concept Design | Developed Design | Technical Design | Construction   
PERIOD: 2011 - present
AREA: approx. 62,295.40 m² | site 130,503.00 m²

White Sands is made up of a total of 835 accommodations distributed as follows: 15 houses, 602 rooms divided into seven blocks , 30 rooms in 3 blocks located near the beach and 188 of rooms in the hotel. The resort also enjoys shopping and relaxation areas. The total height difference, measured from the sea level, in the southern part of the site to the highest point on the northern boundary is about 35m. The topography is not linear and is characterized by a series of abrupt changes in the levels in certain locations, and in particular, this is evident between the beach and the central platform. The topography resulted particularly difficult, therefore creating 3 distinct platforms - the north platform - the highest, is for the hotel building, the central platform, the widest area - for the seven blocks and the 15 villas, and the low platform - the beach access area. In this area, the local authorities' regulations specified the introduction of commercial facilities and access for those who are not part of the resort.
All stages from concept design and presentation up to the detailed design and site management. In charge of the Interior Design process. Liasing with the hotel operator partners as well as the contractors and consultants.


AutoCAD, Revit, Photoshop

Image rights | The Resort Group

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