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PROFESSIONAL PROJECT - HCP Architecture & Engineering

SITE: Adliya | Bahrein
PHASES:  Architectural Competition | Developed Design | Technical Design
PERIOD: 2014 - present, personal contribution 2014
AREA: approx. 20,669.07 m² | site 4,737.38
This project was an architectural competition won in the summer of 2014. The building is located in the town of Adliya, in a multicultural residential area, full of restaurants, terraces, shopping and art galleries. Taking into account the regeneration of the area and the local trend, local authorities have reverted to a new concept for the neighborhood, turning some streets into pedestrian ones, but providing a strategy to solve the parking problem. Occupying the whole site, the goal of this project was to provide a modern building with cosmopolitan features in tune with the neighborhood's atmosphere, exploiting the synergies of the existing buildings, advocating for the integration of innovative technologies and sustainable design to provide a green building. The front of the building is for commercial spaces totaling 1625.73 m². The building has a total of 525 parking spaces.
This project allowed me more power of expression. The concept was influenced by the thermal and internal lighting conditions and energy consumption associated with these conditions. One priority was to avoid the thermal discomfort caused by direct sunlight, so that the movement of the facade panels was thought to ensure a balance, playing with the contrast between darkness and light. Although the building design has been around building functionality, we have tried to introduce ecological principles such as the use of biodegradable materials to create a sustainable building that integrates and improves the built environment.


AutoCAD, Revit, Photoshop

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