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PROFESSIONAL PROJECT - HCP Architecture & Engineering

SITE: Durrat Marina | Bahrein
PHASES:  Concept Design | Developed Design | Technical Design
PERIOD: 2010 - present, personal contribution 2011 - 2015
AREA: approx. 12,520.19 m² | site 14,760.00
The Durrat Marina Yacht Club is located in Durrat Marina Bay, on the artificial island of Durrat Al Bahrein. The island has an area of ​​more than 600,000 m² and is made up of a residential area with houses and apartment buildings, a commercial area and a recreational area where the yacht club is also located. The newly created marina will cover about 400 docks, with all the facilities and services required.
The inspiration for this project was the resemblance between a building and a sailing boat, trying to turn into an architectural reference point for the area. The commercial part, consisting of commercial spaces, as well as restaurants and cafes, is under construction, and then the construction of the yacht club will begin.
As a member of the design team I helped to develop the facade design and the whole volumetry through numerous facade studies. Involved in doing the drawing packages for different phases, from the masterplan to the documentation for the tender stage.
Due to the complexity of this project I had to improve my knowledge and methodology of working with BIM programs, especially Revit


AutoCAD, Revit, Photoshop

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